Finally Announcing PoShKeePass a PowerShell module for KeePass

PoShKeePass is a project I have been working for a while, and it is a topic I have procrastinated blogging on since its genesis. However, it is high time I at least see how much traffic this post will drive to the project page. Just kidding, maybe :).

What Is It?

Well if you visit the GitHub page you will see it described like this:

PoShKeePass is a PowerShell module that combines the ease of the PowerShell CLI and the extensibility of the KeePassLib API to provide a powerful and easy to use management and automating platform for KeePass databases.

I must admit I got my inspiration for this type of structure for the description from other various open source projects on GitHub. Since you are here, this is how I would describe the module in more than a sentence.


PoShKeePass is a PowerShell module that is a wrapper for the KeePassLib. It has a range of functionality that the API supports for managing groups, entries and password generation. It was primarily created for PowerShell automation mainly with account impersonations and account management. Since this is the case, I added features to support this type of development which also ended up useful for CLI KeePass database management, such as database profiles just like the KeePass desktop application does for increased database authentication and access speed and simplicity.

Uh, ok great description but what does it actually support?

If you would like more details, please visit the GitHub Repository for a full list of functions, changes, planned changes and known issues.

How do I get Started?

Install or Download

The easiest way to get started would be to install the module from the PowerShell Gallery by running the command below.

Install-Module PoShKeePass -Scope CurrentUser

Alternatively, the project can be Forked or Cloned from the GitHub Repository.


I have some basic getting started documentation on the GitHub Wiki for the Project which should be sufficient to get you familiar with how the module flows and operates.

What about Questions, Issues, and Feedback?

All feedback, questions, issues and feature requests are welcome and encouraged!

GitHub Issues

If you would like to reach out for any of the above, please create an issue on the GitHub Issues page. I generally have a decent reaction time.

PoShKeePass Slack Team

Additionally and\or Alternatively, you can email me at with the subject of “PoShKeePass Slack Access Request” and the email address in which you would like to receive the Slack invitation.

Ok now I am using it, and I want to contribute…

Great help is always wanted, appreciated, and motivating. If you would like to contribute, please review the GitHub Contribute page and I also recommend joining the Slack team mentioned in the section above.

Side Notes

I have a plan for this project to turn it into a series of blog posts on the process and struggles I underwent while starting this open source project and while I try to keep it alive. My hopes are that my experience will assist and possibly motivate others to spin up projects of their own. So I will list a general outline for the blog series to keep myself honest to the process.

A Hopeful Series Outline:

  • Where did the need come from for this project?
  • What were the struggles I went through?
  • How did the online community and collaboration play in this project?
  • What are the takeaways?
  • What are my goals and hopes for the future of this module?
  • How do I use the module?

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